Begin a Dynamic Career in 2019 With Chrome Solutions

Michael, Chrome Solutions' President, announced that the company is currently looking to fill several new openings. He discussed the firm's commitment to developing talent and other perks, such as travel.

Chrome Solutions expanded dramatically in 2018, which has created a number of openings for ambitious professionals looking to break into the customer acquisition industry. Michael noted that not only is this an exciting opportunity for the right people, but hiring is an event that he looks forward to as well. He enjoys meeting new people and appreciates the excitement and enthusiasm that novice associates bring to their roles. 

Of course, there are other traits that he looks for in candidates besides energy. A good fit for Chrome Solutions will also respect those with different backgrounds and experiences, since teamwork is such an important element of the firm’s success. They will also appreciate the importance of being customer-oriented and have stories that illustrate the way they can anticipate consumer needs. Perhaps most importantly though, novice associates will demonstrate integrity. Not only will they be people of their word, but they’ll respect their team members and company resources as well.

How Chrome Solutions Develops Talented Professionals

Chrome Solutions’ orientation model is designed to ensure effective knowledge transfer. Each new person entering the office begins by learning the basics of the business. From there, he or she can determine their own paths to success as they are provided with the resources and info needed to excel in this industry. Personalized coaching offered by the company’s most senior consultants helps solidify best practices.

With this groundbreaking training model, it’s easy for team members to become fluent in every aspect of consulting and marketing. The program covers market research, business analysis, and campaign launch – from start to finish. Michael also pointed out that a personal coach is always available to offer feedback that ensures success. 

Not only is Chrome Solutions committed to individual growth, but the office culture also encourages teamwork. While the attainment of personal goals is celebrated, it’s the shared vision of success that truly sets the firm apart from the competition. Team members relish the chance to trade ideas as they deploy outreach campaigns, knowing that their ongoing support of each other creates a family-like environment in which everyone thrives.

Another element of the Chrome Solutions recipe for success is the way team members are encouraged to build connections with prominent industry leaders. From leadership seminars and conferences to local workshops and training events, the firm’s associates build their professional networks while cultivating relationships that lead to future business opportunities.

Michael is proud of the unique career opportunity that Chrome Solutions represents, and all the ways in which team members are given the chance to succeed. He encourages anyone looking for a satisfying challenge in a fast-paced growth industry to visit the company’s Careers page.

About Chrome Solutions:
Chrome Solutions’ team has earned a solid reputation for driving customer acquisition rates. The associates’ simple yet effective model allows them to connect quickly with customers on a personal level. They excel at creating engaging and memorable brand experiences that help generate a positive buzz about services. The team thrives on staying ahead of market trends and helping brands achieve their outreach goals. Ongoing learning and growth opportunities ensure that team members have the resources needed to give brands a competitive edge. Performance driven, Chrome Solutions’ talented team has the knowledge and passion that begets success. Learn more by visiting

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