Chrome Solutions Associates Are Dominican Republic-Bound

Select associates from Chrome Solutions will be headed to the Dominican Republic in November for the annual R&R retreat. This trip is among the travel rewards and team-building opportunities the firm partakes in throughout the year.

According to Michael, Chrome Solutions’ President, this trip to Punta Cana is one of the most coveted events throughout the year. Individuals in the office strive for the chance to be invited on this all-expenses-paid retreat. To qualify, team members must achieve pre-set goals and show leadership abilities all year long. Those who have excelled are bestowed with the honor of heading to the R&R destination.

During this trip, lucky attendees from Chrome Solutions will unwind by the pool and on the surf as they reflect on the productive year they’ve had. They’ll meet other top performers from different regions as well as industry leaders from whom they’ll glean more knowledge while forming valuable connections. 

While there will be plenty of learning and networking, the main purpose of this retreat is time to relax and be recognized for accomplishing goals. The weekend will be capped by an awards night in which those who have gone the distance will be afforded time in the spotlight to share their success stories and inspire others to reach higher in their work.

Chrome Solutions’ President on the Importance of Networking, Training, and Team Travel

The trip to the Dominican Republic is just one of the travel rewards that associates enjoy during the year. As Michael noted, Chrome Solutions’ training and education philosophy incorporates opportunities for people to learn outside of the office.

In addition to retreats, team members who have reached professional development milestones are often tapped to attend conferences or visit another region for cross-training. The conferences tend to include a broader audience, with keynote speakers and seminars in which best practices are discussed and shared. Visiting another office generally involves a more concentrated networking and learning experience.

While less conventional, another way this team expands their foothold in the consulting and marketing world is through volunteer activities. Together, they support good causes in the Towson community and surrounding areas. This practice allows them to meet influential business leaders who share a passion for helping others, which helps solidify local relationships.

By combining an eagerness to learn with networking and fun adventures, Michael has established a strong foundation for Team Chrome Solutions to grow in their careers, which benefits both the firm and their partners, as well as associates. Add in a chance to travel, and it’s a win all around.

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