Chrome Solutions Expanding Territory to Harrisburg, PA

Chrome Solutions will soon be expanding its territory to include Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, according to the firm’s President. The company President expressed his excitement for this new opportunity.

The Chrome Solutions office is buzzing with energy due to this upcoming expansion. Growth is always an exciting time for any business. This new territory will bring not only new potential business but also access to a lot of top-notch talent. According to the firm’s President, there was a clear need for sales and marketing services in the Harrisburg market.

"Taking on a new territory is a great way to reach higher."

, President

“We saw an opportunity and are moving to capitalize on it,” he said. “Succeeding in the business world requires us to always push for bigger and more ambitious goals. Taking on a new territory is a great way to reach higher. I can’t wait to see what will come out of this move. I am certain that my whole team will make me proud during this growth period.”

Chrome Solutions’ Team Member Jacey to Spearhead Expansion

The Chrome Solutions President indicated that Jacey, a rising star with the company, will be taking the reins at the Harrisburg office. “Jacey is a motivated individual who is excited to take on the new market and help expand our reach,” he said. “She has already demonstrated her skill as a leader. I am confident that she will quickly prove herself running this new office.”

He added that Jacey and her team will be representing a telecommunications brand in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This large campaign will give them a foot in the door. However, the firm’s management expects that the Harrisburg office will soon be growing to promote additional brands. There are a lot of opportunities for this team to access in the Pennsylvania capital.

In her position managing the new office, Jacey will take on responsibilities such as recruitment, training, and strategic planning. Additionally, she will work with her team to establish the office’s goals. According to Jacey, they will be aiming big right away. They will be looking for new people to join them and brands to represent as soon as they get underway.

“I can’t wait to get started with this new office,” Jacey said. “This is a wonderful opportunity and I couldn’t be happier. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and reach new levels of success. We will be hitting the ground running to make the most of this opportunity. I want to keep the high-energy, ambitious culture I have become accustomed to working with at Chrome Solutions.”

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