Chrome Solutions Helps Fund Cancer Research

The President of Chrome Solutions detailed a recent team giveback event. He also outlined a few of the key positive outcomes that emerge from supporting good causes as a team.

Finding new ways to give back to the community is something Chrome Solutions leaders take seriously. Michael, the firm’s President, explained, “Any time we can bring our executives together to support a great cause, we take full advantage of it. That’s exactly what we’re doing this month with a kickball tournament to raise money for cancer research.”

The Jimmy V Foundation, named for legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano, is the nonprofit members of Team Chrome Solutions are supporting. For the past 25 years, the foundation has been funding excellence in cancer research. The firm’s team members are proud to support the organization’s mission in any way possible.

"Any time we can bring our executives together to support a great cause, we take full advantage of it. That's exactly what we're doing this month with a kickball tournament to raise money for cancer research."

Michael, President

Michael continued, “We’re all competitive people, so being able to help a nonprofit such as the V Foundation while we play a sport is amazing. We like to hang out away from work because we’ve all become so close, but it’s different to come together for a great reason like this. This foundation means a lot to us; we support everything for which it stands. Aside from helping raise funds for cancer research, the tournament will let us see who’s good at kickball and who isn’t. That’s an added bonus that I’m sure will be talked about around the Chrome Solutions office.”

Chrome Solutions’ President on the Benefits of Team Giveback Efforts

The morale-boosting effects of giving back as a team are difficult to ignore. Michael stated, “Our executives take pride in the fact that we organize so many different types of philanthropic events for them. People want to know they work for companies that truly care.”

Giving to good causes in the community also leads to stronger networks. Team members get the chance to interact with local leaders and influential businesspeople when they come together in support of a charity. The connections made during giveback events can open unexpected doors in the future.

The President added, “It’s also nice to see people get to know each other on a different level when they give back together. Certain talents and traits that might not get put into action during regular work often find their way to the fore during charitable endeavors. For that reason, collaboration seems to be more spirited in the aftermath of a Chrome Solutions giveback event.”

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