Chrome Solutions' Strong Commitment to Supporting Charities

Chrome Solutions' President highlighted a few of the firm's recent community giveback efforts. He also discussed the team-building benefits that emerge from supporting good causes.

“We pride ourselves on giving back to both local and national charities,” stated the President of Chrome Solutions. “Our commitment to supporting good causes is always evolving. We find new opportunities to make positive impacts every year, building stronger team morale in the process. We’re excited to identify more great giving opportunities in 2018 and beyond.”

Over the past few years, the company has helped raise $5,000 for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, which helps families fighting cancer in northeast Florida and the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Members of Team Chrome Solutions have also contributed $2,000 to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program, which collects and distributes new toys to less fortunate children during the Christmas season.

"We pride ourselves on giving back to both local and national charities,"

, President

“We’ve contributed $800 worth of food to the Helping Up Mission of Baltimore,” the firm’s President added. “This organization provides meals, shelter, clothing, and counseling to men struggling with addiction and homelessness in the greater Baltimore area.” The company has also given $1,000 to the American Red Cross’ hurricane relief efforts in recent months. “There are so many people and worthy organizations in need,” the company’s President added. “We’re honored to be even a small part of helping a few great charities make real impacts on people’s lives.”

Chrome Solutions’ President on the Team-Strengthening Value of Giving Back

When professionals come together away from the office to support worthy causes, they develop stronger morale that informs their work collaboration. Chrome Solutions’ President has seen this phenomenon in action. He explained, “Our associates get to see different sides of each other when they join forces for a good cause. With deeper knowledge of their teammates’ personality traits and passions, they become more adept at fusing their talents on the job.”

Giving back also has a way of boosting engagement among professionals. The firm’s President remarked, “People want to work for companies that show a strong commitment to social impact. When they know their organizations care about making a real difference in the world, professionals are more engaged and inspired from day to day. We’ve seen these effects around the Chrome Solutions office in the aftermath of our team giveback events. I think we’re better equipped to retain our sharpest talent because we get involved in so many different good causes.”

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